Crafted by hand by the master of the house himself, Pirtti is a sturdy and large cottage with accommodation for max 8 people. It has many cosy details, two floors and modern equipment. Under the main log, the house elf welcomes you to the pirtti and have a nice vacation! Pirtti talvella

Pirtti is equipped with household equipment needed in modern lifestyle, such as washing machine, electric stove and oven and a dishwasher. Besides that, there still are traditional wood-heated oven and stove, a fireplace and a sauna which make feel you at peace and enjoy at the evenings. Near the wood-heated sauna there is a shower and a water closet. You can have a trouble-free vacation while still enjoying the traditional cosy evening besides the fireplace!

Around the great Pirtti table 10-15 people can enjoy a meal or just chat and enjoy. Accommodation and sleeping compartments are for max 8 people.

Cosy bedrooms are located at the second floor. In the master bedroom there is a bed for two and a crib for the youngest members of the family. In three other bedrooms there are two beds in each. Makuuhuone

The lake Poskijärvi shore is only few meters away, and there are possibilities for fishing, paddling or just hiking in the nature. Within a short hiking distance there is a bivouac shelter where you can enjoy a traditional pot coffee cooked over a campfire, snacks or even spend a night if you wish. It is a perfect place to enjoy the finnish peace of nature!

After the hike or other activities, hand-crafted Lake Sauna will make your evening perfect with its smooth heat and steams. There is a fireplace and a great view to the lake to make your peaceful and relaxing evening memorable!


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